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Opick Biography

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The late ’90s, Opick start a musical career through a rock band called East Band. He formed the band with his best friend in Jember. They released the album Song of Travel, but protests from many quarters because of the lyrics offend many people. Until their fifth album has not been too lucky. Until, Agus Idwar, a former personnel Snada Nasyid group, asked him to switch the type of music that is more religious. With a variety of considerations, finally, began to migrate Opick. Turbans and koko be an option in appearance.In 2005 Opick reaping the rewards. His first religious album debut, Istighfar, earned double platinum and sold through 1 million copies. That success was followed by a second album, The Universe Remix (2006), which is accompanied by the launch of his book, Opick, Spiritual Oasis in Senandung.Aunur Rofiq Lil Firdaus or her first name Opick (born in Jember, East Java, March 16, 1974, age 35 years) is a songwriter and singer of religious nationality Indonesia.

His first album was released in 2005 Istighfar. The first month after its release, the album is capable of printing double platinum with sales of more than 300 thousand copies. In the album, Opick insert song titled “Tombo Ati” into his solo album. Previously, Opick put the song into the compilation album “Tausiyah Dhikr and Nasyid”. Album “Istighfar ‘success in the marketplace, to penetrate more than 800 thousand copies and received five platinum awards as well. Because of its activities in Islamic songs, Opick been named ambassador for the music group Nasyid Islami by the ANN (nasyid institutions archipelago).

In 2006 a man who claimed to have sang in a band that bring rock songs was released a second album titled “The Universe Remix” (2006). The album contained ten tracks, including Taqwa, Irhamna, akdir, Evidently Heart, 25 Prophet, The Universe Remix, Bismillah, One Love, Open Eyes Open Hearts and Ya Rasul. As a hit song in the album is Destiny had sung together Melly. In addition to Melly, Opick also a duet with Wafiq Azizah, teens who excel as the best international qoriah little in the song “Yaa Rasul”. There is also collaboration with the group Nasyid Opick Five Pandavas in the song “Clearly Love”. August 2006, shortly after launching her second album, Opick issued a book titled “Spiritual OpickOase In Senandung”.

ALBUM* Istighfar (2005)Seek forgiveness, which was released in 2005. The main track of the most famous being Tombo Ati, Providence, Praise and Astaghfirullah.* Universe Remix (2006)The next album titled The Universe Remix (2006) in which the album contained ten songs, among them Taqwa, Irhamna, akdir, Evidently Heart, 25 Prophet, The Universe Remix, Bismillah, One Love, Open Eyes Open Hearts and Ya Rasul. As a hit song in the album is Destiny had sung together Melly.* Ya Rahman (2007)Next Opick Rahman released the album Yes (2007), with popular songs Repentance. While eleven other songs in between, Assalamualaikum, Fragile, Heir to Heaven, Mendambamu, Haji, and others.* Light Heart (2008)Opick re-launch the religious album in 2008 entitled LIGHT HEART with the song choice, Light Heart. This album contains 10 songs, among them, only God, O Prophet Greetings, What a Beautiful, Love as sincere soul, Servant-Servant of God, Love, Nur O God, Lord Protect, and Ramadan Arrives.* Under Your Sky (2009)Towards the month of Ramadan, exactly in June 2009, Opick back into the studio to record a new album entitled THE ALMIGHTY TO SEE. As a first step, he will remove the single Seer who sung a duet with Rachel Amanda. The single was also used as a theme song for the soap opera Manohara.

Full Album: Opick – Full Album: Under Your SkyOpick, Religion Album Under Your Sky (2009)Download songs free mp3 Opick. And do not forget to buy tapes and CDs of original Opick album Under Your Sky (2009), and use the Tone Personal Opick – Under Heaven Mudi this album, to appreciate the work of child domestic musicians.


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