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October 1, 2009 at 7:44 am #13


We will try to fulfill the need of lyrics of following in Roman Arabic, English, Roman Farsi, and Roman Urdu: Duas, Hamds, Manqabats, Munajats, Naats, Nasheeds, Nawhas, Nohas, Qaseedas, Salat-o-Salaams, and many more……

Rules for Requesting Lyrics

1. It should be an Islamic Audio or Video.

2. You should provide the name of the Audio or Video.

3. You should provide the name of the Artist/Reciter/Singer.

4. You should provide us the link of Audio or Video (Must be on either Google Video or YouTube).

5. You should tell us the language of the Audio or Video.

If you do not provide us the required information then your request will not be approved and we will not be able to provide you the lyrics.

What to do after Requesting Lyrics

Please have patience and if you have provided us the required information then inshallah we will provide you the lyrics in few days/weeks.

Why isn’t my request approved???

We donot approve any requests if they dont follow the Request Rules listed above. If you donot take time to follow the rules then there is no point of us approving them and being able to full fill them, because it makes us look bad. We try our best to post all the requested lyrics as long as you follow the Request Rules and post them on this page.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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